Australian Music Events

Australian Music Events Pty Ltd was founded in 1995 by directors Graeme Wall and Margot Cory-Wall, whose love of music has shaped their own lives and inspired others to follow their dreams. As former professional opera singers in Australia and overseas, music educators and concert promoters, they bring many years of experience and expertise to their business of presenting beautiful music in beautiful places.

Opera in the Market began its exciting journey in 1998 after Graeme and Margot tossed around many ideas about where to put on an outdoor event in the heart of Melbourne. The Queen Victoria Market seemed the perfect venue after they discovered the vaulted roof and height of the K shed proved to be a very resonant space. As an added bonus the floor has a natural rake that makes concert seating simple.

With the encouragement and support of the Queen Victoria Market, Opera in the Market was born and the inaugural performances were held on March 15 and 17, 1999. Since its inception, the event has been aligned with medical research and we are now working closely with St Vincent’s to further advance this goal.

Creating the K Shed Opera House is an exciting production. Before the first beat of the conductor’s baton, 15 specialised contracting companies work side by side for 26 hours. Logistically, this is certainly a challenge although well worth the effort when prospective audiences walk through the completed concert hall.

Not only has Opera in the Market grown to be a highlight in the performance program for Australian Music Events, it has emerged as a significant event on the City of Melbourne’s annual calendar. We are thrilled that so many young and talented musicians and solo artists are able to perform alongside leading professional musicians in such an unusual yet iconic setting. We are equally delighted to provide a stylish yet casual space in which patrons can discover the world of opera and support cancer research simultaneously.

We are particularly pleased to see the opportunities that have emerged for many of our young singers, as a result of the Opera Scholars Australia Program. Many singers have realised their potential to pursue full time careers in opera and others equally importantly go on to enjoy wonderful ensemble work within Australia’s opera companies.

Opera in the Alps, Opera by the Lock and Opera in the Market are giving young emerging artists very important performing opportunities, supported by warm and encouraging audiences. Thank you Melbourne!